3 in 1 3A Fast Charging Glowing LED Light Micro USB Type C Cable For iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Redmi Phone Charger USB Cable

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1.3 in 1 products are not supported data transfer, only charging

2.Fast charging needs to be supported by both the phone and the charger so that fast charging can be achieved

Product Name:

Three in one charging cable


Applicable models:

for iPhone/Android micro/Android Type-C

Product features:

cell phone charging, dazzling color luminous

Color: blue

Length: 1 meter

Product material:

TPE + alloy

Product advantages:

TPE wire, wire soft, durable, not easy to knot, feel delicate, high-grade texture, dazzling luminescence in the dark easier to find charging location

3-in-1 light-emitting charging cable

1.Smarter Flow Rate

2.Brighter, less harsh light

3.Safe fast charging

Can be home or car atmosphere, play
out their wonderful personality

Three types of interfaces
Universal for most models

For iPhone interface / Type c interface
Android Micro port

Alloy Interface

Adopt alloy interface, refuse cheap hollow plastic head
Reject safety hazards

Smart dual core
Faster and safer charging

Intelligent current matching, fast charging when low battery
Intelligent switch to trickle charge mode when high power
True fast charging without harming the machine

3A fast charging

Intelligent speed control
Fast and slow charging is

Faster flow rate at low battery levels, slower
flow rate at high battery levels
Visible fast charging experience

Thickened full copper core,
safe and durable

Selected high-quality copper core, to
achieve true safety speed, small
losses and more secure

Fast charging
No pop-ups

Intelligent matching upgrade system, fully
compatible without pop-up windows
Support fast charging

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