Pheromone Perfume Long Lasting Pheromone Perfume Spray Roypheromone Aromatherapy Glittering Perfume For Women Men

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Net content: 50ml
Color: women’s models, men’s models
ALL INGREDIENTS: High quality essential oils are used. Our enhanced formula keeps the pheromone effects going all day long! Let the pheromone stay on your skin for a long time.
Pocket size: easy to carry, small and convenient, no embarrassment for adding fragrance anytime and anywhere. Can be used as your first fragrance any time of the day
Scientifically formulated pheromone fragrances for men and women have been shown to attract and attract each other. Specially designed formula! Not only will it make you smell great! Formulated in moderation, it is very effective!
LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE – When spraying, spritz the perfume on your neck, ears, wrists, chest or other parts of your body to release enough fragrance to make you extra special. Humans’ most powerful pheromones can affect mood and improve intimacy with your partner. relation. Significantly boosts the wearer’s confidence!
When two people face each other and rub the pheromones on their necks, the pheromones will naturally exhale into each other’s nasal cavity along with the air. If applied behind the ears, it will achieve amazing results when hugging each other. If it is painted on the chest, she/he wants to hold you in his arms, and the message from the chest is more provocative. It can also be added to shampoo, shower gel, and skin care products.
EXTERNAL USE ONLY – To use, apply the fragrance to the neck, ears, wrists, chest or other parts of the body to release enough pheromones to make you extra attractive.
Wide range of uses – the pheromone carrier can be the human body, or it can be directly sprayed on walls, furniture, paper, documents, and utensils to create different tastes. It is suitable for the serious imbalance of male and female ratio or relatively airtight places to regulate the human body.

Package Included:
1 * 50ml perfume

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